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Portret: Dino Bauk
Dino Bauk

Dino Bauk

Dino Bauk (1972) is a lawyer, former Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Education and columnist for the prominent Slovenian weekly Mladina. He wrote a few short stories before bursting onto the literary scene with his debut novel The End. And Again (Konec. Znova, 2015). The novel received the prestigious Best Debut Award of the Slovenian Book Fair and was longlisted for the Kresnik Award for best novel of the year.

  • “Though this is far from common, Bauk being a lawyer is perhaps not so exceptional among literary authors – considering just the authors of modern bestsellers, there’s Bernhard Schlink in Germany and John Grisham in the US, both lawyers, and if we delve into the past, there’s Kafka whose background was in law as well. Another thing that Bauk has in common with these authors is that his writing is extremely approachable. Perhaps that’s the result of him coming from a different world, one that paints his stories with vivid colours and imbues them with everyday humour.  ” Manca G. Renko

Awards and nominations

  • Best Debut Award of the Slovenian Book Fair 2015
  • Longlisted for the Kresnik Award 2016

Books by Dino Bauk