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Portret: Feri Lainšček
Feri Lainšček

Feri Lainšček

Feri Lainšček (1959) is one of the most popular and prolific Slovenian authors, his books regularly top bestseller lists and garner critical praise at the same time. In addition to his many novels, he also writes poetry, short stories, screenplays, children’s books, puppet and radio plays, as well as song lyrics. Four of his novels were made into very successful feature films, with one of them, Rooster’s Breakfast (Petelinji zajtrk) becoming one of the most successful Slovenian films ever. Lainšček’s works have been published in over 10 languages and he was twice the recipient of the Kresnik Award for best novel of the year, in 1992 for Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom (Namesto koga roža cveti) and in 2007 for the novel Muriša. He also received the Prešeren Fund Award, Slovenia’s highest award for artistic achievement, for The Woman Carried in by the Fog (Ki jo je megla prinesla, 1993) and the Večernica Award for best Slovenian young adult work for Little Thoughts (Mislice, 2000).

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  • “Feri Lainšček’s literature is like a dandelion flower that spreads its seeds of knowledge about what modern literature can do – with its charm and its didactic power, the modest search for the other, the overhearing of simple speech – and thus creates new meaning.” Ignacija J. Fridl


  • Prešeren Award, Slovenia’s highest award for artistic achievement 2021

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