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Portret: Samira Kentrić
Samira Kentrić

Samira Kentrić

Samira Kentrić (1976) is a visual artist, illustrator and performer. She has illustrated several books of humanist thinkers and visualized news concerning international affairs, about the Middle East, the Obama phenomenon and the process of EU integration as well as religious conflicts and social issues. Her work has been published in Slovenia, the Netherlands and in the USA, and she has performed and exhibited in various cities across Europe. Her speciality is editorial illustration, i.e. the visual rendering of political commentary, and she is known for fusing public, political discourse with the intimate sphere of our everyday lives. In 2010, one such Kentrić's work was included in the prestigious American Illustration Catalog, and she has since then published two acclaimed graphic novels: Balkanalia (Balkanalije, 2015) and Letter to Adna (Pismo Adni, 2016).


  • MGIP International Book Award 2015

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