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Serbia (Rende)


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radical activism, populism, corruption, underworld, feminism, psychological fiction



by Jernej Županič

The main characters in the novel Behemoth, Ana and Sonja, are sisters, who grow up in a suburb of Ljubljana. After university, Ana meets a group of anarchists through Sonja and joins them, but when the group seems to her not serious enough, she shifts to another, more radical one. Under the influence of their ideas, she leaves for an important European capital, finds herself a pimp, and works undercover as a prostitute named Manon on a special assignment. Sonja's friends spot and observe her in the foreign city, and at their parents' request, Sonja goes off to find her. To a certain extent she unwittingly follows in Ana's footsteps, assumes a new name, and finds a pimp herself, but their paths never cross. In the end, Ana does carry out her secret mission, but it turns out that her journey into the underworld begins in earnest only then. 

Behemoth from The Master and Margarita is an enormous black cat who speaks, walks on two legs, and can even transform shape for brief periods. He has a penchant for chess, vodka, pistols, and obnoxious sarcasm. He is evidently the least respected member of Woland's entourage, and is known for his jokes, which he never stops telling. 


Shortlisted for the Kritiško sito Award for best book of the year 2019

Shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) 2021