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Facebook prose, Facebook poetry, prose poetry, 30-something generation, feminist writing, 21st century

Na tak dan najbolj trpi mastercard

for days like these there’s mastercard

by Eva Mahkovic

The book came about as a series Facebook posts published by the author between December 2016 and April 2019. Her writings were originally meant just for her group of Facebook friends and reflect the urban life of a 30-something woman, living and working in Ljubljana. They range from descriptions of everyday events and accidentally overheard conversations to commentary of political and social events and intimate confessions, and slowly become a sort of a diary. The writings are hybrids both in terms of form and genre, they are somewhere between prose and poetry, but are really neither. Created on social media, they gradually form their own literary genre with its own rules and distinct language that, also through emojis, alludes to interactivity of the medium, in which they were created.

for days like these there’s mastercard is a genre-bending book that questions the role of women through seeming banalities of everyday life, amusing stories from history, pop culture references, global internet phenomena and art criticism. The book meticulously balances the tragic and the humorous (just like life itself does in a way) and oscillates between the hallowed and the banal, between intellectual and pop.


  • What may come across as vapid (something the author addresses several times) turns out to be bold, blunt and brazen confessional prose.

  • Like an exhilarating cocktail of Sex and the City and Atticus Poetry, only several levels above both.
  • What makes the book feminist writing is the author's brutal honesty and an unflinching portrayal of a very real world and a very real life of one young woman.