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travelogue, memoirs, hybrid genre, Paris, nostalgia, history, culture, literature

Razpoložena za Pariz

In the Mood for Paris

by Vesna Milek

Think of a city so inspirational that it can assume the role of a mysterious, powerful, magical muse. Does it exist? For Vesna Milek, acclaimed Slovenian journalist and novelist, it exists beyond a shadow of a doubt. The city she is in love with, her muse as well as her homme fatale, is Paris.

In In the Mood for Paris we are drawn into the often heart-rending, dramatically intense and unique life stories of iconic writers, painters, dancers, courtesans, kings and queens, sculptors, fashion designers and muses from various historical epochs who all have something in common: they made history, and they made it in the streets of Paris. History and contemporaneity, nostalgia for times past and fascination with the coexistence of numerous layers of time that form a timeless map of this metropolis: all this is beautifully intertwined into an emotional collage of Parisian impressions, put together with the passion of a true devotee. Adding an artful touch to her convincing journalistic writing style, Milek has written a bewitching novelesque hybrid that oscillates between an essay, a travelogue, a reportage and a memoir, an ultimate homage to the City of Lights and a precious companion for the readers who long to capture the authentic Parisian esprit.


  • Stories, at first glance known ones, written out or staged many times before, but nevertheless new, fresh, real and shattering. In the Mood for Paris is a book that begs to be read in one sitting but then taken up again and again. The words ring as if truly spoken, the excitement that freely crosses over from the author to the reader bubbles underneath the surface, and the mood vibrates. Occasional temporal and narrative breaks expand the scope of individual texts collected in the book, give them colour, rock them, sometimes so hard that it seems as if they might overturn, only to later paint them with colours that are even more vivid.

    Radio Slovenija – ARS
  • Her novels Calypso and If, as well as In the Mood for Paris are empirical proof of Milek’s literary talent, which has by now found its place on the Slovenian literary scene and has been particularly well-received by readers, as Milek is among the most popular Slovenian authors, thanks in part to her being quite media-savvy due to her line of work. Her writing is a volcano of passions underlain by a vibrant voice rich with metaphors that assure the reader that they’re not dealing with a literary amateur …