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refugees, refugee crisis, Syria, Europe, political realities, social issues

Pismo Adni

Letter to Adna

by Samira Kentrić

Letter to Adna is a graphic story about the impossible circumstances from which refugees from the Middle East make their way to countries of the EU. The story is told by Adna’s deceased guardian, who had left a letter that the girl would receive in the event of her death, as well as a couple of notices on what to keep an eye out for if she decides to flee Syria. The narrative thus has two parts: the first part relates the content of the letter that cuts short Adna’s already short childhood. The second part brings instructions that leave no doubt about the double standards and warped perceptions that Adna would encounter in the countries she’s leaving for. Nevertheless, Adna’s untiring desire for freedom and justice eventually sends her on her uncertain way.

Adna's guardian Hasima has left her a letter. Before setting off to Europe, Adna also discovers Hasima's folder with her sketches for the engaged art she had created. If the letter ended Adna's never carefree childhood, the illustrated commentaries of the world ahead reveal the double standards of the countries she is headed to. However, a desire for a new, second chance is neverending, timeless and limitless ...


  • Refugees. We don’t want anything to do with them, we don’t like them, we’re afraid of them. They’re different, difficult, ungrateful, uncivilized and dangerous. They should stay where they are or go somewhere else. A passionate, humane, darkly humorous book about Them that says more about Us.


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