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family saga, love story, historical novel, World War II, Yugoslavia, 20th century



by Feri Lainšček

Kresnik award-winning novel Muriša takes place in the time immediately before the outbreak of World War II. Julian Spransky is a young engineer involved in the construction of a bridge across the Mura River that will later be destroyed by the Yugoslav Army during their retreat from advancing German troops. The bridge connects Julian to the character of Zinaida, but at the same time represents the means to tame and take revenge on the wild river in which both of Julian’s parents had disappeared. In the battle with the river, which is also a battle with the past, Julian loses the future. Zinaida tragically dies in a military attack while trying to find Julian among the defenders of the bridge. The love poem thus ends as an elegy.

After the war years, Julian Spransky waits for his heavenly judge and wonders “why [he] was not allowed to die along with the fifty million innocent and guilty souls whose lives ended during the Second World War”. The end of the novel coincides with the end of the war, and the author already alludes to new social turmoil on the Pannonian plains – the coming years under post-war communist authorities, which are addressed in his next novel Fear for Butterflies in the Storm.


Kresnik Award for best novel of the year 2007


  • With Muriša, Feri Lainšček confirmed that he’s bringing back to contemporary Slovenian literature the memories of a traditional, somewhat forgotten literary genre – the family saga.

    Ignacija J. Fridl
  • Lainšček’s Muriša weaves imagination and historical memory into a convincing, realistic picture of Murska Sobota and Pomurje in 1941.

    Jury of the Kresnik Award
  • A story of yearning and love ...


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