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immigrants, second generation, urban environment, stereotypes, identity, former Yugoslavia

Čefurji raus!

Southern Scum, Go Home!

by Goran Vojnović

In Fužine, Ljubljana’s notorious suburb, apartments are small, families are big, and living standards are low. Sitting in front of one’s building is the national sport of Fužine. Southern scum aren’t good with computers. No true immigrant family goes out to eat. And here’s Marko Đorđić, a seventeen-year-old, playing basketball and finding his path to adulthood. While we follow Marko’s struggles with his identity, his parents and local stereotypes, his bittersweet humour paints a picture of life in Fužine and its complex web of causes and effects.

The debut novel by Goran Vojnović uses vivid, witty language to weave an encyclopaedic tapestry of the urban environment and talk about the issue of immigrants from former Yugoslavia, spreading responsibility for the situation among everyone and relating the clash of the majority culture with that of second-generation immigrants with a healthy dose of irony.

Southern Scum, Go Home! has become one of the bestselling Slovenian novels of the new millenium and garnered its author a police report as well as two of the main Slovenian literary awards for that year.


Kresnik Award for best novel of the year 2009

Prešeren Fund Award, Slovenia’s highest award for artistic achievement, 2009


  • With a single blow – a story about “southern scum”– [Vojnović] has swept away prejudice, impressed the critics and found readers even among those who had never read a novel before.

  • Southern Scum, Go Home! Is a wonderful collage of stories about life in the ghetto, about basketball, babes, fathers in undershirts, differences between Serbs from Bosnia and Serbs from Serbia, friendships between various nations of former Yugoslavia, and more: these stories contain more humour than anything else written on the topic in Slovenian.

  • This novel and its reception has finally brought us back into the global mainstream […]. Vojnović is our equivalent of Hanif Kureishi or Zadie Smith.

  • A promising, readable, fun and thoughtful debut that boldly cuts into the suffering social tissue of immigrants from former Yugoslavia.

  • The novel’s trump card is not its nevertheless very-well paced and cinematic story, but rather its truly discerning portrayal of Fužine and in its language. The latter is responsible for the veracity of Vojnović’s depiction of everyday life in Fužine, full of stories from deepest poverty, which break the reader’s heart but are written in such a way that they also elicit their laughter (through tears).


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