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literature, urban life, 21 century, friendships, relationships, intergenerational, humour

Knjiga drugih

The Book of Others

by Jela Krečič

Following her first novel None Like Her, hugely popular with readers, Jela Krečič returns with The Book of Others, dedicated to books that nobody reads. At the centre of it is just such a book; nobody knows what it is about or who wrote it, yet it affects the lives of numerous characters. 

The novel, written with humour, ends with the book eventually returning to its actual owner - only to reveal that he too does not recognise it. 


Longlisted for the Kresnik Award for best novel of the year 2019


  • After her first novel, Jela Krečič has taken a step forward in the pyschological mapping of the characters. If she confined herself to superficial analysis in her first work, her second delves more intensively into the depths of the individual and their relationships with others. 

    Radio ARS
  • The Book of Others brings us interesting stories of people of various generations and profiles, from teenagers to retirees, all of which are - in addition to the mysterious book that nobody has read but they keep passing on to each other - connected by the town they live in, Ljubljana, that Jela Krečič has cleverly woven into the novel. 

    Svet 24

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