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Trieste, Italy, minority community, the past, war, repressed memories, psychological trauma, xenophobia

Ki od daleč prihajaš v mojo bližino

You Who Come To Me From Afar

by Marko Sosič

The main character of the novel, Ivan Slokar, is a member of the Slovenian minority in the Italian city of Trieste, a professor of biology and a man who seemingly has everything a person needs to lead a happy, fulfilled life. However there is a shadow in his life, a dark spot from the past that begins to loom over his present as well.
Trieste and the border villages of the Trieste Karst, Italy, form a discreetly drawn, but defining background of this fictional world and its protagonists – and not coincidentally, together with its socio-political historical connotations it directly relates to the issue that concerns Sosič as an author: the issue of the individual’s identity in a world that is controlled, more or less covertly, by antagonistic, aggressive social forces.
You Who Come to Me from Afar is a masterfully written story of suppressed pain, taking the protagonist back through the fragments of memories, visions, hallucinations and dreams to the event that scarred him and his family. From the multiethnic present reality of Trieste, the novel thus stretches back to more than a decade, to the years of the Balkan war, the atrocities and intolerances of which are still present. The novel, which avoids any ideological declarations, carries the message of humanism, telling us not to shut ourselves off from the pain of others, but to enter it with compassion.


Shortlisted for the Kresnik Award for best novel of the year 2013

Shortlisted for the Kritiško sito Award for best book of the year 2013


  • You Who Come To Me From Afar is a true masterpiece, a novel that at once seems to drive the reader away by disturbing their inner peace while seizing their attention so completely that it is impossible to put it down without finishing it.

  • A lyrical, delicate and dazzling novel on the darkness of the soul.

  • The new novel by Marko Sosič retains all characteristics of his earlier works – intense feelings of longing, confrontations with evil, the past intruding on the present, reality intertwined with dreams etc. – but adds another dimension.


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