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cryonics, cryopreservation, death, aging, prolonging life, rejuvenation, immortality, economic / legal / ethical implications

Čas nesmrtnosti - smrt v dobi bionike

The Time of Immortality

by Alojz Ihan

The Time of Immortality deals with – unsurprisingly – issues of immortality, or more precisely, the human desire to use cryopreservation technologies to influence matters of life and death. Alcor Life Extension Foundation was established in 1972 with the aim of preserving the dead until the time when they can be revived and restored by new advanced medical technology. Alcor performed its first human cryopreservation in 1976, and since then has done the procedure over 130 times. Today Alcor has more than a thousand members and they have paid $200,000 for the programme that promises to cryopreserve them at the time of their death. Advocates believe that medical science will make such progress in the future that people will become immortal - they will be able to replace each defective organ, any defective tissue, and on the condition of regular medical "servicing" will be able to live for any length of time they will want to.

This sets up a whole new prospect of expectations and perception of time with singular economic, symbolic, legal and ethical implications. Alojz Ihan examines all this in a penetrating, analytical, often humorous, and above all an extremely provocative manner.



  • Alojz Ihan occupies himself with a topic most of us would prefer to avoid, and he does it with the objectivity of an expert – managing not to sound annoyingly scholarly or scientifically dull at that – and the effortlessness of a philosopher with literary skills. The Time of Immortality is a book you aren't able to put down.

    Radio Slovenia
  • Everything Ihan writes is intended for the widest circle of readers.